Ski Repeaters

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 11000)

I love all the ideas I get from you all, but the Aqua input lately has been rather slim - keep all your good ideas coming!!

My contribution today is nothing new, but definitly adds some variation to a well-loved move. You could apply the pattern to several other moves as well.

Get your group going with cross country ski and explain what's coming. When you cue "REPEAT" they will keep the same leg forward and the other leg back with no switching for 4 counts (or however many counts you want to repeat). When you cue "SWITCH" they will change legs so the other leg is forward now and the leg that was forward goes back. I like to encourage deep knee bends and bigger jumps on the repeaters.

I count down from 4 while they're doing the regular cross country ski so they have a clear cue of when to begin their repeaters.

So, these would be the cues:

Repeaters are great to throw in at intervals during the workout to get a real boost. I hope this adds some variety to your workout - keep all those great ideas coming!

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From: Martinez, Georgia (USA)
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