Kate's Advanced #1 (Tapless)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11001)

Step is horizontal. All moves are tapless. Each Combo is 32 counts and self-reverses. Each line of the Combo is 8 counts unless otherwise specified. Starred moves are explained at the end of each combo (with a right lead used for the explanation). When I use exit I also mean travel (no taps:).

Combo #1

*power mambo - just a mambo that hops (think jogging mambo)
->OPTION - regular mambo
*balanced kick repeater - step up right (1) and kick left (2), bring left leg in to a knee from the kick (3), kick side left (4), repeat count 3 (5), kick front again left, (6) exit 7,8
->OPTION - repeater of your choice

Combo #2

*lunge repeater - start regular knee repeater (1,2), the knee steps back into a full lunge position (going down on 3, holding the lunge on 4, pushing back up on 5), knee (6), exit 7,8
*shuffle circle - two alternating shuffle turns that end by straddling the step rather than exiting, right shuffles forward (1 & 2), step down left, down right straddling the step (3,4), left shuffle backward (5 & 6), step down right, down left straddling the step (7,8)
->OPTION - two shuffle turns or two turnsteps (but they have taps - YUCK)

Combo #3

*over and kick - go over the top 2X just like you would if you tapped, staying facing the same direction, but replace the taps with a kick front and then a side kick, over right (1-3), kick left front (4), over left (5-7), kick side (8)
*2 Knee & box - step right double left knee repeat (1-4), step down left (5), step down right, crossing over left foot on floor (6), step back left foot (7), step side right (8)
->OPTION - repeater of choice

Combo #4

*ham, pony, rock, etc - (done on the corner, so start like a travel ham) step up right and ham left (1,2), step down left (3) and stay at that corner, but instead of tapping, do a pony right,left (& 4), rock back right, rock forward left - like the back half of a mambo (5,6), step right kick left on the step (7,8), exit (1,2), stomp left on the right corner of the step (3), step down right, down left (4,5), stomp right on the left corner (6), step down right, down left (7,8)

Combo #5

*kick, lunge, kick (in the combination as written this move would be on the left, but for purposes of explanation, I'm doing all the notes with right lead) - step up right (1), kick left (2), step down left (3), lunge over your step, tapping your right toe on the opposite side of the step (4), step up right (5), kick left (6), exit 7,8
*pivot - like you are starting a mambo, step on corner right, pivot to face away from the step - hopping on left while you pivot (2), step forward on floor right (3), pivot to face the step (4)
->OPTION - mambo
*Y - I know many of you call this other things - like you are starting a mambo, step up right on corner (1), put your weight on the step, so you'll be facing away from the step as you step up left wide like a V (2), step down right,left on the other side of the step - opposite from where you began (3,4)

Combo #6

*glute, knee, hop, hop - start like a rocking horse, step on corner with right (1), left glut (2), step down left (3), lift right knee (4), hop over the step right - never touching it (5), left knee lifts as you land (6), repeat going back over the step left (7,8)

I gave you six combos (because I spent this much time - what's one more) but I usually use five for a class. I teach #1 on right &left, teach #2 on right & left, do #1 on right & left then #2 on right & left, teach #3 on right & left, do #1,#2,#3, each combo right & left. Then we do #1-3 "split." (#1 right, #2 left, #3 right, #1 left, #2 right, #3 left) Then I teach #4, then #5. We review #4 & #5 on right & left. Then go from the top splitting all 5 combos. So that only took hours. Thank goodness for down time at the full-time job :) Feel free to email with questions. I tried to over-explain, I know many of you may not have needed all the extra-detail, but just in case. Here we go...

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