Nanc's Push Kick Workout

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The push kick is similar to the front snap kick, except there's a slight leaning back before the kick and then the knee is lifted and then the leg extends with a flexed foot and pushes through the target. I use the analogy of stepping into a big pair of pants that you have held up at chest level. So they're kind of stepping up and over. It's more difficult than a front snap kick and really works those quads and hamstrings.

I have the class go across the room, because the push kick takes up a lot of space. For example, they start with a step left (1), push kick right (2), bring the right foot down (3) and touch left (4), and then repeat it. When they get across the room, just have them turn around and do it again, but add a left punch, so it's push kick right, punch left. Then, when they get to the spot they started it, have them turn around again, and then replace the punch with a knee strike left, so now, it's push kick right, knee strike left and repeat it across the room and back again. Then, switch legs, so they'll be push kicking with the left leg.

Then, you can just put the moves together, and an easy-to-follow combination is: knee strike, right, knee strike left, push kick right, punch left and repeat it. Go across the room and back, then switch the push kick and the punch so the punch is first. This way, they can keep moving and you transition to the other side without stopping: knee strike right and left again, then punch right, then push kick left. My class is pretty advanced and they like to continue moving, so this is a good way to transition to the other side and not have to shuffle or do anything in between.

Got it? If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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