K.F.T "round & round" Greece is back!!

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11027)

Hey everyone. I am really missing you but I am back after organizing a big event this February! Dont forget to visit my site www.kandrisfitness.com

Here is a great step. 2 tap free "Musical Phrases" that you and your students will love to do. I did it last week at one of the Gyms I am working and I used a great LATIN HOUSE song called ALEGRIA!!! You can see a step under and check the a,b,c,d

   b*      *c 

in front of the numbers check the lead leg!!

teaching tips!!

For teaching 1. add a stomp and then march--> stomp and atride over for teaching 4. you can teach the 3 counts across as you face to the front go on top after the reverse V-step and start doing from the top the 3 count across 4x the down down and add March to complete 16 counts. Then you can drop the counts and do the 4. part facing front then you as a teacher show to the people how to face the back wall this is a terrific way to vocally cue them.

For teaching the 6 part, start with a repeater 3 knees and basic 2 facing to the front and standing on 'd'-->change the second and a third knee with a stop---> c hanging the stop to a whole body pivot and a leg pivot turn

For teaching 7. start with the straight mambo (6 count mambo or mambo with no chacha) touch the platform with alternating legs on 1 and 4th count---> build the boxes and the spin. For safety reasons open the legs as you do the box DO NOT CROSS THE LEGS!!!

For teaching 8. start with double knee repeater 2x to the front adding a basic step

You are done!!!!

Feel free and fly with me!!!

Love Greece and the Whole World. Love you the anonymous who contributes to that Beautifull site!!


Dimitris Kandris K.F.T

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From: Athens (Greece)
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