High Energy Kicks

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11037)

This is a fun and challenging combo, but just make sure you break it down (doing 4 counts at a time, then combining it is what I suggest). It goes like this: front snap kick left (1,2), duck-which requires lunging back on the right leg (3,4), crescent kick left (5,6), then jump kick left (7,8). The actual execution of each move happens on the odd count and the even count is preparing for the next move. Then, you start the combo with a right snap kick. Make sure they make that duck quick and get back up in time to correctly execute the crescent kick with the grounded foot angled from the kick.

Again, I would take the front snap kick with the duck and do several reps, and then the crescent kick with the jump kick. Watch doing too many reps with those 4 counts, since they're exhausting. Also, give the class a modification, since the jump kick is a high impact move. They could instead do another front snap kick or a knee strike--just make sure it's on the same leg as the crescent kick, so they will naturally alternate to the other side.


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