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All of the following are straddling the bench until exit is cued

Repeat starting left

Dependable is always my fall back routine, especially when I need a routine at the last minute, or am feeling uncreative. Music/tempo changes make it seem like new pattern. My classes usually have a varied ability level, so I try to incorporate moves that can be modified. Moves with * are explained at the end of the pattern.

*V-step right/squat/funky- creativity here is great idea. Beginners can stay with a standard V-step (4x total). Intermediate can add a double squat on top of the bench, making the move 8 counts. More advanced, can get funky, with right foot lead: (1,2) step up in "V", (3,4,5) stay on top and jack 3x, (6) bring left knee up, (7,8) step down left then right. Or, as always, let them be creative and have fun, as long as they're safe!

*Meteor right leg lead: (1,2) step up right, up left, (3,4,5,6) lunge back right then left, (7,8) step down right, down left. AKA: Shooting star, shooter.

*T-step, left lead facing narrow end of bench: (1,2) step up left, up right, (3,4) straddle down left, right, (5,6) step up left, up right, (7,8) step down left,right off narrow end of bench.

*X-ray: V-step on the bench, V-step on the floor. The V on the floor can be done any of the following ways: step back in a V pattern facing front, turn in the middle and do a V facing the back wall, or for those more more advanced they can hop the V.

Email me with any questions or comments.

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