Advanced/Tapless 2 workshop combo's!!

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G'day everyone! This whole combo I 'borrowed' (okay, ripped off) from a workshop I did last week. Let me know what you's tapless and fun! Step is horizontal..start on the right leg! I'm writing it as she cued it, so it might sound a bit weird compared to my previous postings!


*Hammer with mambo cha cha cha (8):

You should be on the right side of the step facing the front (ie- where you would be if you did half an L-step on the left leg)!!

**Spin (2):
1-2 On the spot, simply do a 360 turn clockwise (left,right)

***Step across and waddle (6):
It's like the last 6 counts of "MR T" (see previous Miss Dale posts)

NB-The last 3 counts (ie- 4-5-6) of the 'step across and waddle' move are the same as the last 3 counts of "Stomp the L" (see previous Miss Dale posts)

****Switch-quickie-skate with 2 swings (12)- remember you are on the front of the step when you start this move!!

Got it??? Want more???

Start this combo on the right too!!


*L step with a floor tap (9):

**Double curl 360, cha cha cha, rock back (8):

If I have accidentally left something out or it's not really clear (I tried my best) please email me! Or if you want basic options/learning curves, anything!! Have fun!

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From: Sydney (Australia)
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