Kegger to a six pack

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Start out by stretching the ab muscles by laying on the ground with your hands straight out over your head and your legs straight out in front of you so you look like a straight line... stretch as you normally would so no muscle soreness is their the day after. Then begin the workout by doing several different crunches... do 15 normal crunches with your knees bent, then 15 crunches with your legs straight in the air and reach for your toes, then lay your knees to either side but keep your back flat on the ground and do 15 crunches bringing your head across your body toward the knees, then do 15 bicycles making sure your legs go straight out in front and bringing the elbow to the opposite leg each time, next do a pencil ab stretch where your bring your feet about six inches off the floor and have your arms reach for them with everything but the lower back and butt in the air, hold for 25 seconds 5 different times, next get a beach ball and put it between your legs and them straight up with your back on the floor 60 times 5 different times, bring your legs right up to your butt with the knees bent and do 50 penguins going to each side, then for the next one use a partner or a steady object that you can grab hold of while laying down, grab the object and bring your legs up as far as you can and bring them back down not letting your feet touch the ground and stop and repeat 25 times. After sufficient amount of exercise you will feel the burn in your lower stomach muscles, to stretch them out do a spinal twist toward each side, cross your legs and twist around, you will usually feel some cracking in the back you can also go into a bridge and stretch your back even more and you will most definetly feel it in your stomach.

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