2 routines: Beginner->Int/Advanced (tapless)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11074)

I usually take my beginner step routines and make them advanced so that it's easier to remember my routines. Here are two routines that I used last week. One is Step I, then the second is the same routine modified to be a Step II. Hope you find this useful!

Step I routine. 64 count blocks. Self-reversing. Tapless.




Step II routine. 32 count blocks. Self-reversing. Tapless. Some parts facing backwards.





All explanations are for right lead.

V-knee-jack: Step up wide onto step (1-2). Bring right foot to middle of step (3). Lift left knee up (4). Left foot comes down to floor, then right foot down (5-6). Jumping jack (7-8)

Shuffle turn: Similar to a turnstep. Right foot up on step (1) left foot marches quickly forward on floor (1.5) Right foot "shuffles" or marches on step (2) Left foot march on floor (3) Right foot down on floor (and turn to get ready for another move)(4). I cue it: shuffle, shuffle, turn.

Double knee walk around: On end of step, facing the long way. Right foot on left-lower corner (1) Double knee repeater (2-4) Left foot down on floor. (5) Right foot down on floor (6) Left-right march to the right side of bench (7-8). If you are going to do another double knee walk around, you stay close to the end (lower right corner). If you are going to do a travel knee next, use the walk to bring it to the top right corner of the bench to start the travel knees.

Shoot the hoop: Travel knees with a leap. And bring arms up like you are shooting a basket.

Rock and roll: I got this from another pattern. Great move! Pegleg (1-2). Straddle (3-4). Charleston kick (5-8).

Knee to front, mambo back: Travel knee (1-3). Turn around (turning towards your step) to face the back into a mambo (4-6). Turn around towards your step to face the front, while doing a little skip or 1-2-3 with your feet (7-8).

Karate kick: Repeater kick modification. Kick front (left leg) (1-2). Left foot down and right leg kick to the side (3-4). Right foot on step, kick front with left leg (5-6). Left, then right foot down (7-8). This move can be done either facing front or facing the corner, as if you were doing a travel repeater kick.

Knee run knee: Repeater knee modification. Right foot on step, left knee up (1-2). Left and right foot down into a skip, a run, or 1-2-3 on the floor, still facing the same direction (3-4). Right foot on step, left knee up (5-6). Left, then right foot down (7-8). This again can be done from any angle.

Skate: Repeater knee modification. Facing front. Right foot on step (1). Left knee up (2). Left foot down on step (3). Right knee up (4). Right knee down on step (5). Left knee up (6). Left foot down on floor (7). Right foot down on floor (8). I cue: three knees on top of the step. The arms for this is a reach straight up using the opposite arm.

Phew! Hope this is clear and helpful. Some, if not most of these moves I gleaned from turnstep at one point or another :) Thank you all for your help and inspiration!


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