Balloon fun

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I have used this activity with balloons with my seated senior fitness class and they absolutely loved it! I usually use it at the end of my classes, but it could be used as a warmup.

First, line up two rows of chairs so that each person is seated across from their partner. Give each pair of participants a balloon. You can have them hit it back and forth how ever they like. Then have them hit it with the right hand only, then left, then both. Have them pass it up high and then down low. Next, have them gently kick it back and forth with their feet. I also like to involve the whole group together. Using only 1 balloon, have them hit it to the person next to them and pass it down one row and then down the next row. Do this several times. You can also have them hit it to the person across from them and pass it down the row that way. At the end I use all the balloons and have a free for all.

I'm sure that you can build on this and come up with more creative ideas!! If anyone works with the senior population please share your ideas! Thanks!

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From: Pennsylvania (USA)
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