Cardio Strip

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Hey everybody, I taught Cardio Strip and the folks loved it, old and young alike. We had such a good time! I used a tape that I made up, songs are included but get creative with yo' bad selves. Here goes . . .

Song 1: Barry White, I'm Gonna Love you Just a Little More, Baby

Intro to hips, starting with heel lifts from a wide front stance

Song 2: It's Your Thang, can't remember who sings it

Intro to hips, front to back, have them push their hips forward, bending knees and pulling arms back (tee hee) then start them thrusting hips forward to the right, then forward to the left, then do forward, right, forward, left

Combine the forward combo with the heel lift combo, looks like this:

Song 3: Rick James, Give it to me Baby

Intro to hip circles, have them practice going front, side, back, side, to the right with feet wide, then practice having them go front, side, back, side, while bending knees like a squat moving down and up, then practice doing fast hip circles. Combo goes like this:

There's more to the routine, but if I don't quit now I'll be late for school. I'll post more if ya like it . . . remember, sexual energy is fun energy, and any movement is better than none!

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From: Langhorne Pennsylvania (USA)
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