This is a Quad Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11084)

This is a quad pattern that uses all the combos on one side and then reverses the whole sequance on the reverse side.

  Home       1
 ------    -----

    2        3
 ------    -----

Begin on home right lead

Combo (1)

Combo (2)

Combo (3)

Combo (4)

Repeat from the top starting on 1 left lead, remember each combo will be on the opposite step and opposite lead when repeating sequence.

*double turn- start on bench 3 and turn, right lead, then turn on bench 2 right lead. It feels a lot like a double grapevine. Repeat with left lead moving form bench 2 to 3, I like to say rewind on the second pass.

**knee straddle knee move- all you do is a knee straddle knee on each bench moving form bench 3 to 1 or the south bench to the north bench, then you come back. Some call it a chorus line.

***Ping Pong- think of a ping pong. Instead of corner to corner knees facing the front(or North) ping pongs face east or west. A knee on 1 right lead a knee on 3 left lead come back to 1

Hope it makes sense, I know it is a long one but it takes a whole class hour to teach. Thanks for all your ideas-Kamdon

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