Sonia's ABvanced ABs

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 11094)

Start by sitting with the knees up. Feet can be flat or with toes up. Whichever is more comfortable. Music must be slow (118 - 122) as this requires control.

Part I

Place hands on outside of thighs (right to right, left to left duh):

Repeat on the left. Repeat as class level requires. See modification** below.

After the last set on part I lean forward resting on the bent knees for 4 counts. Reach overhead alternately right and left for 16 counts. Roll slowly all the way to the floor - taking 8 counts to get there. Support yourself holding onto the thighs or cross the arms over the chest. Keep the neck very relaxed with the chin slightly down. Think of rolling down one vertebrae at a time!

Take the next 32 counts to get positioned for Part II and to demo it if you need to. Part II is really just a variation on Part I.

Part II

Usual supine abdominal position. Lying on your back with the feet flat, knees up, finger tips just touching head behind ears, elbows wide, no pulling on the head/neck, abs contracted on each lift.

Repeat to the left. Repeat as class level requires.

This works both the abs and the back. Part I is a more advanced move that requires more muscular strength and control than some people have. **To modify this you could leave out the oblique moves and just roll down and back up slowly. Never allow the waist to touch the floor on these roll downs. Try not going down quite so far and then pausing for a couple of beats when you come back up. Part II should work for all levels.

Email questions! I love to hear from you.

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From: Texas (USA)
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