Thursday Afternoon Ladies

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 11095)

I teach a hi-low class full of die-hard ladies on Thursday afternoons. Here's some of our latest stuff. The first two blocks have been shamelessly lifted from my sister (hi Steph!). The rest is (basically) mine. Enjoy!

All blocks start right lead and self-reverse.

Block 1:

V-step (4), quarter turn to east wall and V-step (4), grapevine right, facing the east wall (4), grapevine or turn left (4), alternate a power kick 4x (8), right knee lift 3x, march down right, left, right while turning back to face the front of the room (8).

Repeat left

Block 2:

Diagonal grapevine right and left (to NE corner and back- 8), march 3x with knee lift to WEST wall and back (8), lunge back right and left (4), lunge side/side (4), step RIGHT to a single single double ham curl, turning to the front of the room (8).

Repeat left

Block 3:

V-step (4), march/jog up 3x with a kick (4) and back (4), reverse V-step (like the back half of a bowtie- 4), step touch with power right and left (4), low grapevine right (4), grapevine or "spin"/turn left (4), hop 2x ("shoot the hoops"- 4).

Repeat left

Block 4:

Intensity block- (easy choreography, high intensity)

Scoop travel up alternating 4x (8), double step touch back (over your right shoulder- 4), grapevine back (over your left shoulder- 4), football shuffle right (4) football drill in place (4), football shuffle left (4), football drill in place (4).

Block 5:

Grapevine "L" (8), bowtie V-step (one up, one back- 8), ham curl turning in a circle (option for alternating ham curls 4x- 8), double step touch right, quarter turn and shuffle left (8). *This block does not self-reverse* I usually throw in some jacks or skis or shuffles for intensity here, which is why this block doesn't reverse.

Hope you enjoy it and can use some/all of it.


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From: Manassas Park, Virginia (USA)
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