This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11096)

Advanced, NO TAPS! Any Q's, please email. Thanks to Miss Dale for many moves.


You should be on opposite lead now.

#Hip shake: step up wide (1-2), shake hips or jack in-out-it (3-5) kick out(6), and exit (7-8)


You should be on opposite lead again


#Samba-samba - 3-count mambo or rock (whatever everyone else calls it) to each corner

#3-Knee L - Just like regular L-step with 3 knees, only knee 2 & 3 are off the bench, & walk back to bench on 7-8.

At the beginning of Combo C, remember there are no taps between chugs, sambas & chugs. This seems to mess people up the most.
Have fun!

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