Robby's Won the GOLD

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My husband Robby helped me come up with this aqua routine and I love it. Since the Olympics is here we have decided to use these sports durning class.

First-- SKIING--start with cross country skiing. Pretend like you are in the Olympics and you are going for the gold. Really shoot up out of the water when doing this exercise.

Second--FIGURE SKATING--you know how they do triple lutz, well, do single lutz in the water. This will really get your heart rate up if you continue to do them.

Third--HOCKEY-- get the big long dumb bells and pretend like they are a hockey stick and try to hit the puck under water with the long dumb bells. You can even use a noodle if you want. Make sure this exercise is only done under water to get a hard workout.

Fourth--FREESTYLE SKIING-- you are pretending like you are jumping hills skiing. You are jumping up and down from side to side. Then go for a long jump by jumping straight up out of the water.

Fifth--SPEED SKATING-- start at one end of the pool and skate down to the other. Pretend like you are speed skating.

Sixth--SLEDDING-- Sit on a noodle and take you hands and use them as paddles to go forward. Like they do when the are bob sledding.

These are just some ideas. Hope you have fun with this....Let me know if you use it.

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From: Birmingham, Alabama (USA)
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