Repeat it, FASTER!

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 11099)

Pool depth = shallow
Pool length preferred = 25 meters (half size olympic pool)

Place some markers on pool deck about 3 - 5 meters (10 - 15 feet) apart. I usually use witches hats or kickboards.

Have them line up against wall at one end of the pool (deepest end) facing down the pool.

(A) They run to the first marker

Do an exercise for 30 seconds something like punching or cross country ski, anything really. Just make sure you are giving the body good workout balance (legs arms etc)

They then run back to the wall, I usually run them backwards.

(B) They start again straight away to the first marker. This time they repeat the exercise at the first marker but FASTER for 10 seconds.

This time instead of going back to the wall they continue to the second mark do another exercise for 30 seconds.

Jog back to the wall.

Jog or sprint to Marker 1, repeat exercise there for 10 seconds then marker 2 for 10 seconds then move to marker three for 30 seconds. And so on.

When they get to each marker for the first time the exercise is done for 30 seconds then the next time they get to the marker it's for 10 seconds and performed as fast as they can.

To make it harder you can stop them at each marker on the way back as well. Make sure you remember the exercise at each marker.

Hope you have fun with this one.
Contact me if you like if you need more Ideas for Aussie Land. PS. Aussie's are even good in the snow. 2 GOLD for Australia.

Steve Good

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From: Perth, Western Australia (Australia)
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