February Combo (Beg/Int)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11102)

32 All self-reversing
Right lead

Combo #1

Repeat left

Combo #2

Repeat left

Combo #3

Repeat left

Double alternating knees front:
Like a charleston with a knee lift. IE: charleston (4) step knee (5,6) step home (7,8), repeat left. Base move: alternate knees front, then double alternating knees front (ie:2 knees on each side with a tap in between) Then double alternating knees front with a lunge in between. (sorry this is kind of confusing for such an easy move)

Hopping V-step:
Step up like a regular V-step (1,2) hop in (3), hop out (4), hop in (5), hop out (6), step back like regular V-step (7,8)

Hamcurl crossover:
Right lead. Hamcurl to corner (1,2) Right foot crosses behind left to back side of bench tap (3) and curl (4) tap back on front side of bench (5) curl (6) step back to home (7,8)

Have a great class and email me with any ?'s


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