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This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 11104)

This is an excellent way to work the obliques and upper and lower fibers of the abdominal wall...

You need your class to partner there will be two people, 1 ball and 1 mat.

Have each person sit at the end of the mat with their backs toward each have them lean back, with knees bent and abs contracted...this is how they will stay during the whole exercise. take the ball and pass it around to each other clockwise side to side working the obliques for 8 counts, then change direction so you are passing the ball counter-clockwise for 8 counts. You do three sets of these (one set being 8 counts on each side).

To work the upper and lower fibers of the abdominal wall you stay seated with backs toward each other...knees bent, your partner then touches her toes with the ball, leans back, abs contracted and passes the ball overhead to her partner and remains in this position until the ball is passed back to you, do 32 passes back and forth.

**A few notes to remember, remind your class to keep breathing throughout the whole class so they don't cause themselves injury.

I usually do 2 full sets of the obliques and the upper lower, by that time my class is burnt! Enjoy!!!

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