Lower Body Blast!!!

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11105)

This is a great exercise for the inner thigh, lower abdominal fibers along with another for the hamstrings...

Inner thigh...lower abs

Lay on a mat with your feet up in the air. Place a ball between your feet at calf level, squeezing the inner thighs together to keep the ball in place. Now open your legs and catch the ball, throw the ball back up, catching it between the legs again, squeezing the inner thigh...repeat 8 times. After the 8th time, hold the squeeze with the ball between your legs for a count of 16. Repeat for 2 more sets


With the heels on the ball only (very important or you will find the exercise targetting the calves not the hamstrings), tighten your abs and lift your glutes off the mat so your weight is on your upper back (shoulders-so you are basically doing a 2 legged core exercise called the bridge). Now contract your hamstrings bringing the ball in toward your glutes and release taking the ball back out again...abs remain very tight to keep you on the ball. After 8 reps bring the ball back in and pulse for a count of 8. Repeat for two more sets.

Remember to remind your class to breathe and listen to their body, if they feel a burn that is ok, but should never feel any pain. Enjoy!

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