Plank Relay

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 11113)

Here's a little game that really works that core:

Have your class line up in 2 lines. Everyone gets down into Plank position (Plank-on hands and feet-like a push-up that you hold; can be done on elbows as well). The person at the end of line stands up and jumps over each person in their line; when they get to the end of the line, everyone moves their plank over one space. (They can get out of plank position to do this) The team that has everyone get thru the plank hurdle first wins!

*I came up with the idea during my body sculpting class today. I was doing a boot camp theme (I even wore my Hubby's BDUs). I had the class in plank position, I wanted to make sure that people were holding it correctly. So, I walked over everyone to make sure no butts were up in the air. As I was walking, I thought, "What a great game to play with the class... They'll have fun and get a great workout!" The class loved it!!!

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