Salute to Winter Olympics

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This is something I came up with for a class I teach called "Total Body Conditioning". This class is for all age groups and is for the open minded and the fun loving. It is not easy and is a great non-traditional workout. I used the sports in the Winter Olympics for my inspiration and developed exercises to simiulate these sports. Enjoy!!!! Equipment required: step, handweights, dynaband and bodybar. The class is for one hour. Mixup the sequences and reps.

Ice Hockey: Step is vertical. On the floor, holding bodybar like hockey stick, shuffle up the step 4 and walk back. Repeat. Also, on the floor, with bodybar in hand, like hockey stick have a face-off. Center of gravity low, and try and win the puck.

Snowboarding: Standing on floor, feet hips distance apart jump from front of room to back of room. Pretending that your feet are on a board and you are moving at your hips, when you jump, don't forget to squat.

Bobsledding: With hands at short end of step (vertical step), run behind step and then jump and squat. I cue "run, run, run, jump and ride." Repeat.

Skeleton: Lay on elbows and toes (this is for your abs), butt down and hold.

Luge: Turn over from skeleton and hands on outer thighs legs out straight bend right and left. (this is for abs too)

Figure Skating: With bench (vertical again) Repeaters alternating sides. Cue class to be pretty with repeaters and creative. Then on floor march and then step to right while lifting left leg (like Michell Kwan does) then march and step to left while lifting right leg repeat.

Biathalon: Short end of bench, ski fast using bench and floor then when you arrive at target (make believe) go down to bench and do push-ups. Get back up and ski to target and repeat.

Downhill Skiing: Squat using arms as poles and then ski side to side turning hips

Moguls: Lie dynaband on floor, start on left, squating when ready hop back and forth across band staying low to squat form.

Curling: Hands and knees, handweight in right hand. Extend right hand out (as if to push the curling rock) and lift left leg. Do for so may reps and then switch to left side. Get up grab body bar and now you are the brushers on the curling team. Pretend as though the curler has already thrown the rock and you have to brush it to ist's destiny. Low to the grownd, with your squat, tummys in tight and brush.

Speedskating: Lunging side to side with weights, bend at waist and keep abs tight and swing arms, you'll be surprised how hard this is.

All these can be done in any sequence and with any amount of repetition. You will be surprised how tough this really is.

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