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Hi Everyone
This is for my 5.30pm class today.
It's basically moves from lots of my submissions but I have changed them around and put them in different order. Board is horizontal and tap free. *** starting point is called "home" and "off the front" is obviously that.*** Please email if you have any Q's

Right lead



B (left lead)

*** Make sure you tell them to really pace it out with the broadway knee as they'll need to get back to the other corner at the home position***

C (right lead)


***Reverse rocking horse***
Think of a normal rocking horse = step knee/heel tap on board/step knee/step down down. Instead do a reverse hop turn (cue - turn the knee away from the body) tap the heel on the board off the front then do a knee hop turn back to the home position (knee goes across the body). I have also heard this move called a "spinning hammer" from one of my collegues.

D (left lead)

*** I first teach this 1 basic step, 4 alternating stomps to the corners. While they're doing this I do the gutter walk and then 2 alternating stomps. Right leg up to the left corner 1, take the left leg to the side and lift the right leg off the board and place back down 2-3, place the left leg back behind the board and step the right foot off the board 4-5. Repeat with the left leg leading 6-10. (Then do 2 alternating stomps to make up to 16 counts - this is only for teaching purposes. Stomps won't be used in final pattern)

E = extra (left lead)

This is just an extra block to leave me on the left hand lead, I may not need to use it so for this reason it's very basic.

Now you can go from the top with or without Block E beginning on the left lead.

Enjoy !

Please email if you have any Q's

Hi to Dutchie & Lethal Leslie thanks for all your help answering my Q's. Many thanks

Rgds Aussie Claire

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From: Townsville (Australia)
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