With Intervals & Pyramids - Power it Up !!!

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11128)

I don't teach on the 32 - I just watch them and gauge how they are doing so things are pretty loose. I time the intervals/pyramids and often encourage them to keep going or take it up a bit in the last 10 seconds. If I had to guess I will have them do a move 16-32 times and with things like tucks I just let them do about ten or so them I cue them to take it up - belly button out of the water, etc. Intervals are always optional and I let them know they can go back to the first move of the pyramid if they want or need to.

Warm Up

Block One

Recover = jack forward, ski back a couple of times, hold and do one jack, one ski in place

Block Two

Block Three

Recover = ski with hand push forward instead of long arm reach, 1 jack/1 ski

Add: 30 second ski interval with hands pushing forward

Block Four

Repeat the above but instead of hopping side to side, hop it forward and back.

If I still have time to use up we'll add a jogging interval for 30 seconds or can can kicks (knee/kick/knee - hop and switch legs) or basketball jumps to the side or forward & back (travelling 1-2-3 jump).

I like to end the class with strength work using noodles or kickboards hitting all the major muscle groups. We usually end up with something goofy to warm up just a bit before stretching - such as noodle races, ab work balancing on the noodle, skipping with the noodle, or just plain standing leg work.

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