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Bench is horizontal. Tapless, 32 counts, self-reversing.

Base combo:

Here's changes to all the moves that you can layer in as you like.

8) 3 Knee repeater -change to a knee rock -thanks Lisa!

8) Funky V -assume a left lead -whichever leg leads, that's the knee that lifts for the exit. No lead change.

16) Petal -I've taken 16 counts from a 32 count move called a flower. So, I decided I'd call it "petal." This is a high impact, double time move, but, loads of fun. It will move you around the end of your bench to the front, across the top and home. Whichever leg leads, that's the direction you will head around the end of your bench. Picture a "ski" move all the way around to the front of the bench

-you are now ready to begin the combo again with a quick little double time move, bringing the left foot up to the bench and the right foot back to the floor.

This was really hard to explain, and, I know, really long explanation. But, if you take the time, I think you'll like the petal. It's for all those quick footed high impact members..LOL

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From: Long Beach, California (USA)
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