Kristy's Sunday Step

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I take a lot of inspiration from my friends on this board. If you recognize any of your moves in this routine, my compliments to you and thanks always.

Each combo is 32 counts and self-reversing. Some are tapless--some not. Assume horizontal board.

RIGHT lead, side approach to start:


End approach, but moving to the side approach with this first move:





They need to know their left from right on this one:

Repeat on other lead.

*6-count mambo: just think...step, rock-rock, step, rock-rock, to the top. Count-by-count: step up right--step left behind right while lifting right slightly--step right while lifting left slightly--step down left while lifting right--step down right behind left and lifting left slightly--step left while lifting right slightly--up right--up left.

**Walking march: Sort-of like an L-step off of each end but the 2nd foot never comes to the top, like a stomp or power march. Count-by-count: step right, step left on floor on the end while lifting right, step right lifting left, walk-walk to travel, then repeat on the other end and lead.

***Undecided L-step: The simpler version is a 16-count L-step with 7 knees on one end of the board--like a continuous rocking horse--Do 2 knees on the end, rotate back to face west on knee #3, do 2 knees and rotate off the end again on 5th knee, do 2 final knees here, then walk-walk back to face north. Advanced version: 3-Knee rocking horse off the end, after the last knee, place the left foot by the right (leave room for it) and tap out & in to the side with the right on counts 8 & 9 board, then 3-knee rocking horse again (knee comes up on count 10), then walk-walk back to face north.

Still confused, please email me and I'd be happy to elaborate on my elaborations! Have fun!


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