16-count combination

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10717)

We usually only do 8-count combinations, because we stick to kickboxing moves only--no grapevines or related moves. So, this combination can be a little confusing, but my class loved it last night.

Facing the right side of the room with the right foot in boxer stance, right jab-left punch-right hook-left uppercut (1,2,3,4), then arms up on 5 and knee strike right on 6, then snap kick (same as a front kick) right on 8; then shuffle 2 counts, step on 3, side kick right on 4, then march twice (right foot, then left foot--counts 5 & 6), then round kick right on 7. Count 8 sets the class up to start the 16 counts now on the left. Make sure they face the side, so that the target stays in the same place during the entire 16 counts.

Yeah, there are a lot of moves in the 16 counts, but we've already rehearsed them during the first half of the class in 4-count combinations, so we're just putting them together. You could start off with the first 8 counts--jab, punch, hook, uppercut, knee strike, snap kick and repeat it. Then you could do the next 8 counts-- shuffle, step, side kick, two steps, round kick. After that you could put those two sets of 8 counts together.

Good Luck, and thanks for all the contributions. I really enjoy them and am able to incorporate them in my class.

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