The art of exercise - plyorobics

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With masking tape, form an 18 inch square on your floor (don't will pull up without damage to flooring when you are finished).

Stand on the bottom corners, one foot on each corner. March 4 counts (right, left, right ,left). Now jump (off of both feet) 4 counts (2 jumps). March inside the square 4 counts. Then jump 4 counts (2 jumps). Now march on the top corners 4 counts and jump there 4 counts (2 jumps). Repeat this inside the square again and on the bottom corners one more time.

Now, jump inside the square (1 jump, 2 counts), to the top corners, back inside the square and then to the bottom corners. Do it again.

Repeat this same pattern aerobically by jumping faster - inside square, to the top corners, inside square and to the bottom corners --- all 1 count each. Do this entire sequence 4 times through.

Vary this by repeating the pattern with single jumps, all held for 4 counts each (1 jump held for 4 counts). Try to jump a little higher and really push off the floor to land in the next position. Do the sequence twice through.

Finish by just walking (2 counts or 2 steps - right and left), inside the square, to the top corners, inside the square and then to the bottom corners. Repeat this 4 times.

Use a "melt down" when you land on your feet. That is, you land on the toe, then the ball of the foot, then the heel. Knees are kept "soft" --- slightly bent. Head up and back straight.

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