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I really like using the tube (the one with handles) in my sculpting classes. Here are a few that you may already do but if not, hey, it's always good to get new ideas! It is easy to get bored teaching the same classes.


Leg press
Put handles over shoes (make sure the handle is really pushed down onto shoe, usually in that little indention near the arch of you foot) Lie on back with the middle of the tube under your low back or bottom. Now bring knees into chest. Use a motion just like the leg press. Push feet up and out. Then bring knees back in towards chest. You should feel this in quads and hamstrings. Continue several sets like this. I rarely count just wait for it to hurt then do another 8-10 count. If this is too easy grab tube with hands to add resistance

Inner thigh:
Keeping this same tube and body position. Straighten legs and with feet toward the ceiling, begin opening legs and dropping them down then squeezing them back up and together. I'll do some like this then I hold them out and pulse. (also can add an abdominal crunch with every squeeze in. Then lower abs with every open. When legs are held open and pulsing add pulsing crunches) Holding legs straight with feet toward ceiling and inside of feet touching at all times slowly bring feet toward pelvic bone while knees open and move out. This looks like a frog. Inside of feet touch all the way down. Then straighten legs squeezing knees together. Repeat until tired then hold them down with knees out wide and pulse bringing knees in together like you are squeezing a ball in between thighs. Inside of feet are still touching. (Once again you can add abs. Crunch up when legs straighten and release when knees bend, also pulse abs while doing inner thigh squeezes

Wrap tube around ankle and take one handle and thread it through the other handle so it wrapped in a circle around your ankle. Now take other foot and stand on tube for tension I usually have everyone try a few until they find a foot position on tube that gives them the resistance they want. While standing and holding on to the top of a bench for balance, begin with hamstring curls, bringing foot towards glutes. I usually do 8 slow 8 pulse and do 3-5 sets. Switch legs

Using same method as hamstrings, except tube is circled around the middle of the foot. Holding onto bench and standing on tube for resistance. Bring leg up into a flexed hamstring at a 90 degree angle. Now, with no change in the bend of the knee push foot staight back and squeeze glutes. Do a few sets then switch legs.

I hope this was useful. Feel free to email me with questions or comments if this isn't easy to understand

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