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I used this at New Year's since our local college was in a bowl game but I think it is also appropriate for the Super Bowl coming up. If you have a large group you can divide them into 2 teams. With a smaller group, have everyone line up together as if on one team. I did this in deep but you could adjust for shallow. It may sound complicated but it really isn't. The signs on the side of the deck help you and the students keep it straight. Students do not need to be versed in football to enjoy, but I think the men in class would really appreciate the idea. To begin, place a small or regulation football on deck at middle point of the pool.

The object is to start the group at the football or line of scrimmage and have them jog backwards to a posted sign (about 2-3 yards back from the football) on the deck (the sign tells the move). After completing this move, they jog forward to the line of scrimmage and quickly jog backwards to a second posted sign (about 6 yards back) for another move. After completing this move, jog quickly forward to football, then quickly back to a third posted sign (about 9 yards back). Do the final move here then everyone races for the last sign at the other end of the pool, turns around continuing to race and stops at the football. What you have just done is change sides of the field at the end of the quarter. If you have two teams, they will cross each other during this time and end up facing each other again at the line of scrimmage. The pattern now starts over. Do this for 4 quarters like a real football game. It should take about 25 to 35 minutes. Here's a diagram to help:

 X#3 move X#2 move X#1 move "football" X#1 move X#2 move X#3 move 

My three moves were #1 kicks (regular, karate front, karate side, tin soldier) #2 jumps (jump rope, frog, side to side, tuck) and #3 shoot thrus for abs (front/back) and (side to side). I changed the way we did the move each time. Tell them that kicks are the obvious part of football for field goals, punts. . . jumps bring to mind when players try to jump high to score close to the goal line or block a field goal and shoot thrus are tackling or being tackled.

At the end of the pattern, get the football and pass it to someone and yell "tackle". Of course, they don't tackle, they race to catch the person with ball and when tagged that person throws it to someone else until everyone has a chance to run with the ball.

Questions/comments: email me. Have fun!

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