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I have had two emails asking me to describe what I was trained to call lifts or jumps in cycle class. I hope this helps. I'd appreciate any feedback, complaints, corrections, or additonal cues you other riders may add to this. We are all still learning!

Hi Tom. Lifting or jumps on the cycle refers to alternating between seated and standing positions as you pedal at a medium resistance and medium pace. It is a bit of an advanced technique requiring control, technique, and upper body stability and leg strength. It's important that riders know to stay over the nose of the saddle when they stand, to "unweight the saddle" and shift their weight to their legs. I always caution new riders to do it only in small doses and to feel free to stay seated if they please. For more advanced riders, I may do many sets of lifts in a song. I keep the timing evenly spaced and count aloud to them so they can anticipate the moves. We may stand for 2 sets of 8 count, then sit for the same amount. Stand for 4, sit 4. Sets of 2 or even singles (jumps) as they get stronger. Then return to a seated position to recover before doing another set of 8, 4, 2. Watch particpants for signs of fatigue. Tell them not to pull up on the handlebrs to get up, but to use their leg strength. Watch for a "falling" into the saddle--a hard landing. You want smooth easy transitions.

I use this technique after the warm-up, before they get too fatigued from a hard climb or sprinting. Usually about song 4. I look for "jumpy" music. I don't know how to describe it--but I know a good song when I hear it. Hear are some of my favorite tunes to use this technique too. I listen to songs and try to envision the pattern of "jumps" and rest transitions that best fit the song.

Does this help you? If I've not made it clear enough, please write back. Perhaps you refer to this type of training as something other than "lifting"? Let me know, please. We can learn from each other. LIZ

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