New Year's resolution

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These are some fairly simple combos for the New Year's Resolution crowd, ie. knows how to step, but have been slacking off for several months

Combo 1: 2 Jogging basics, one mambo, one pivot turn, two V-steps, repeater knee. Repeat on the other side

Combo 2: 6 Count basic (up, up, out, out, in, in, down down) Repeater heel curl over, repeater heel curl over (exit the opposite side each repeater), walk half way around, shoot the hoop, indecision lunge, squat out toward step, basic. Repeat on the other side

Combo 3: Step touch on step right and left, exit right, 3-way repeater, across the top, double squat heel curl (8 counts), basic left, repeat other side

Combo 4: Hand to heel front to a straddle, hop back four counts, two right basics, T-step hop turn, horseshoe home, heel curls around the world, two alternating rocking horses or L-steps. Repeat other side

Combo 5: Curb walk, march around the step, up, up, lunge right, left, double knee right, exit right. Repeat on other side.

Good luck and have fun teaching

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From: Long Beach, California (USA)
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