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This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 10786)

Back with my first combo of the New year.
Here goes:

Take the whole combo left side


* The flick kick with a chug. For right lead, start with the right flick kick and the left. Take the right leg forward naturally for the kick 5th count and 6th count left leg back. 7 and 8 rock in place. For next 8 counts repeat the same on left leg.

** Knee in: standing in the straddle position, (for the right lead of the whole combo) start with left leg, twist your left knee in and then left. Please see to that your heel too twists and is off the floor. Do a natural funky hand movement like a swinging you arm with the bending knee.

           / \
           \ /
      original position

        0          0
       /|/        \|\
       / /        \ \
       \ \        / /
a.Left knee in   b.right knee in

Alternate diagonal high knee also starts from straddle position, touching the oppsite knee with opposite hand.

Tip: you could cut down the knee in and knee lift to 4 counts each and add a syncopated out -out in in step for 8 counts. This will look cool.

Hope you enjoy it. I have changed my email.
Happy New Year

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