Nancy's Elbow Strike Combo

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This one's pretty easy, so you can add a turn to challenge the class somewhat. Here it goes: back elbow strike right (1), back elbow strike left (3), jab-punch right and left (4,5), jab-punch right and left (6,7). Then, you'll start the 8 counts with a left elbow strike.

The easiest way to teach the combination is to start the class off with back elbow strikes right and left. The feet are moving with a step-touch, with the elbow strike occurring on the touch. With this combination, the left elbow strike (on count 3) can turn them 180 so they're facing the back of the class--which is where the elbow strikes were hitting. Then, they go right into the 2 sets of jab-punches (many of you call them jab-crosses). Then, you'll step left on count 8 and go right into a left elbow strike, then right elbow strike--which will again turn you around, this time to the right, so you're facing front again.

To add a little more challenge, you can change the second jab-punch to a jab-hook, jab-uppercut, jab-forward elbow strike, or whatever you want to use.

One other suggestion: if this combination feels too difficult or if your class has a hard time grasping it at first, you can NOT alternate it, but continue to always start with an elbow strike right by making the second set of jab-punches a right knee strike or a right hook or uppercut, etc. Just make sure the right move is on count 7. Then, you'll step right on 8 and go right into the right elbow strike again.

Hope this isn't too confusing, but getting the class into the right rhythm is so important, as they'll follow the combinations much easier.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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