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I have been teaching spinning for almost 2 years and I found that changing things up helps me to no get bored with it. Here is a typical spinning class-this month. Warm up with a flat - shoulder rolls, tricep stretch, shoulder stretch

Jumps - It's great to get the heart rate up right away. Jumps really work great especially when you change them up by holding them up for a 3 count and sitting down for 1 count. Also, start your jumps in the standing position, and instead of sitting down completely, hold you bottom over the seat and then stand again. These also are great with a 3 count over the seat and 1 count standing.

Climbs - Climbing up a hill can get boring. Yes, I believe you should have at least 1 regular climb, but the other climbs in your ride can be spiced up by adding slow jumps (hold it up for 2 counts and then sit for 2 counts), or climbing sprints (speeding up for 8 counts and slowing down for 8 counts-twice)

Sprints - My least favorite thing! I like to change it up by going from a standing jog, to a seated sprint. In a standing jog there is more resistance than a seat flat, so when you go to sit down and sprint, you are sprinting with more resistance and you don't realize it.

My class members really get a work out, both mentally and physically, and best of all, they don't get bored with the class.

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From: Clinton, Mississippi (USA)
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