Saturday Morning Body Sculpting

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 10807)

Length of class: 60 minutes

12 2 count down 2 count up squats, then hold for 8 count, come halfway up, hold for another 8 count and back down for another 8 count.

Traveling squats, start on top of step, squat in the middle, then right leg off end of step, squat, then back on top of step, squat, then off to left end of step, squat, back with both feet on top of step, set of 16. Squat middle, squat right, squat middle, squat left.

Second set of first set of squats shown.

One foot on the step, one foot on floor, squat 2 count down, 2 count up, set of 12, then hold for 8 count, halfway up for 8 counts, then back down for 8 count.

Third set of first set of squats shown.

Then another set of squats with one foot on step, one foot on floor, but do the other side.

Set of curtsy squats, alternate right leg behind left and out to side, like the British curtsey for the Queen, squeeze the outer thigh on the leg that is going behind the other. Set of 16 each side.

Floorwork: lie on side, outer thigh work, lift leg 2 count up, 2 count down, set of 8, continue with single count up and down, then 3 count up, 1 count down, then pulse, all sets of 8 each, hold for 8 count.

Hamstring and butt, 4 count donkey kick, single count leg curls, single count leg lifts, then pulse with leg lifts, sets of 8 to 12 each, you are on your hands and knees, or elbows and knees, whichever is most comfortable.

We usually wear ankle weights for floor work and for the traveling squats and curtseys. One half pound to 2 pounds on each leg.

Armwork: Concentration curls, heavy weight, sit on step, elbow against inner thigh, 2 counts up, 2 counts down, alternate sides for 2 sets of 20.

Triceps: lie on step, heavy weight, start with weight above chest, 2 counts overhead and down, 2 count up to starting positions, pulse for 12, 3 sets of 12 each.

You are own your own for abs, cool down, stretch, deep breath, go home!!

This is the icing on the cake after doing step aerobics for the weekday classes, email me with any questions, we love to sweat, Charlee

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From: Cecilia, Louisiana (USA)
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