Fun Double - advanced

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 10808)

X               X
X               X
X               X
X               X
Home = H        AWAY = A

Make sure they are close enough to do a V-step on both.

Start on the left side (outside of H)

And start all over from away step.

These 6 should last a good 45-50 minutes if your students are advanced. Have FUN.

** 3 Step Hop Turn - On home step, step right up then left up and step down between steps and 1/2 hop turn on the away step and end on outside of away step.

*** Turn on home step, twist around and jump on the floor (5-8) and end facing the mirror.

**** 1 Big V. Put right foot on away step 1-4 and left foot on home just as if it were one step and you do a V using both.

***** Put left heel on home and take off 1-2 then 3-4 is putting left foot on home 5-6 right foot on away and on away you lunge back 3 and 4 is off the side with a knee up, exit 1 jack and shimmy over to away.

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