Tube moves 2

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A few tube moves for upper body this time:

Start with both handles in one hand and the other hand in the middle of tube. Palms face away from body. Arms are straight above head. Now pull down keeping both arms straight until palms are towards floor. I then hold and pulse pushing down adn back really working the lats. Go back to starting position but this time bend arms as you pull down bottom position will look like the beginning of a shoulder press except palms are still facing away from body hold at bottom and do some triceps by straightening arm pushing palms towards floor. Now with arm straight out to side turn palms to face the front of the room. Keeping arm straight bring palms together in front of chest like a 'fly', the tube is now pressing against your back as you pull forward. Then just change that movement to a chest press with elbows bent and palms facing floor. Is this even clear? Hope so cause it is an awesome chest, back tricep combo!

Triceps and back:
With one hand in handle and the other holding the tube somewhere in the middle (depending on amount of resistance). Both arms are above head a little above eye level in front (not directly over head) a little more than shoulder distance apart palms facing front of room. The hand holding onto middle of tube stays straight above head, and the other inside the handle pulls forward, down and back keeping arm straight. The arm will be right next to your body at the bottom. Remember this is a forward down and back, not out to the side. After doing a few sets of these, then hold down at bottom and do little tricep push backs. Then switch arms. Hope all this is clear!

Thread tube under bench and then take one handle and pull through the other. Make sure that the tube is coming from the back of the bench towards you. Stand facing bench with the tube coming towards you. Put one foot on bench to keep it in place. Put hand inside handle and tuck elbow tightly into side, now begin doing bicep curls, the further away from your bench the harder this will be. NOt alot different from a regular bicep curl except you are pulling towards you instead of straight up. A tip, don't grip handle, try to keep fingers straight.

Email me if this isn't clear

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