Something Unusual & Tapless

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10815)

Final version is 64 counts, self-reversing and tapless. Teaching breakdown is given after explanation of final combination.

Note: people with high blood pressure, pregnant or beginners should substitute a basic move for the push-up sequence. Emphasize options!

Horizontal platform, assume right foot lead.

Push-up sequence: Drop to grab sides of board (2); jump legs out to push-up position (2); push-up 2 times (8); legs in (2); stand or jump up (2) ~~~ This is from Gin Miller's Extreme Step ~~~

Repeat leading left.

Teaching breakdown:

Initially, teach 1st 16 & last 16 counts in warm-up; middle 32 counts after stretches.

NOTE: INSERT the shuffle, X, push-up sequence between 1st and 2nd 16 counts of warm-up combination.

Assume right lead. Platform horizontal.

Repeat leading left


Repeat leading left.

** Travel V = begin as usual V-step on platform. When exiting, travel to the west if leading right; east if leading left... ending just beyond the corner of the platform. "Exit" is "down, down" with no tap.

INSERT your warm-up stretches.

Now begin teaching the shuffle, X, push-up insert:


ADD 2 more basics to equal 3 on each end after the shuffle.

LAYER an X-step, or X with jump back in place of basics 2,3.

DEMO push-up sequence while they hold a basic.

ADD the push-ups to the shuffle, X.

EXIT HOME -- do a "knee, exit, corner to corner, basics in center facing front. Let them know you're going to put it all together.

FINALLY: Do final combination from the top!

Email me with questions. My classes have loved this one. It's different, can be very intense, but doesn't have to be.

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From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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