Nanc's Double Block Combo

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First, start the class with this 4-count combination, and then add to it. Do a double round block (fists are at the chin, bring them down to the chest, cross over one another then quickly swing them outward to simulate blocking a kick or punch to the upper body and pushing it away from the center line of the body. Make sure you cue the class not to swing the fists too far outward or the rotater cuff could be injured.

So do a double block with a right punch, then a double block with a left punch and repeat several times. Then, make it a jab-punch. So, it's double block on 1, quickly jab left on 2 and punch on 3 (many of you call a punch, by the way a cross--same thing here). Count 4 is just setting up to start again.

Then, switch the jab-punch to a front snap kick. So, double block on 1 and right front snap kick on 3, then repeat with the left front snap kick.

Okay, now put the combination together for the class. Double block on 1, snap kick right on 3, jab-punch right-left on 4 and 5 (so as they're coming down from the kick, they'll go right into the jab), then snap kick right again on 7. Then, alternate and start the whole combination with the left front snap kick after the double block.

This is a strong, fun combination and really works the delts and upper back, among other muscle groups. Enjoy!

Any questions? Don't hesitate to email me. Good luck.

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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