This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10828)

Thanks for all the awesome ideas. I teach classes every day and need new ideas.

These following moves are done with regular play balls -- the small (kickball) kind you find at any discount store

Play Ball --

Shuffle right for 8 counts, then left 8 counts holding the ball with both hands above the water (tell them to get low). On the next set of shuffles push the ball down into the water as you move (tell them they are dribbling a basketball)

Runforward 8 counts while tossing the ball up in the air and catching it. Run backwards 8 counts and hop up (tucking heels to butt) 8 times -- as if you were shooting the ball through the net

Next have them run up to the corner of the pool and push the ball side to side under the water as if they were passing it to another player repeat to the other corner

At the end of this segment, I usually pull a bucket to the side and have them practice shooting into it and rebounding. It's a hoot!

Other ball ideas:

Have them run the length of the pool hitting the ball with their hand and chasing it. Have them race the length of the pool while trying to balance the ball on the back of one hand (arm extended). Pair them up and have them toss the balls across to each other (each pair has two balls going at the same time). Whoever drops the ball does underwater pushups (ha ha)

Hope these work for you.

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