Get that heart a pumpin'!!!!

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My classes love it when I break down a combination into little bit and pieces, then build it into on long, heart pumpin' combination. I teach an advanced kickboxing class, these combinations might be too overwhelming for a beginner. I generally use music in the range of 140-145 bpm. You can slow it down, but I designed it to get the heart rate up and be fun. After I break it all down we normally go through the entire thing 3 times on each side.'s meant to get the heart rate up and be a great cardio kickboxing workout. This means that you want to give it all you got! I've broken this into 8 count patterns.

This will take you right into the left side. This is 2 32 count combinations all into one big one. You'll need to break it down slowly for the class and slowly add on, but once you have it all together and you're able to go through it a few times on each side from beginning to end, you'll be feeling it for sure! If you're able to use music around 140-145 bpm, I highly recommend it. It's a lot of fun! I'd love to hear what you all think of it. Feel free to email me with your input.
Thanks, Cindy

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From: Michigan (USA)
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