Pilates For the Thighs

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I teach a Pilates class and often add Pilates exercises at the end of my kickboxing class.

A major position in Pilates is the wrap-and-zip. Lying down, raise the legs up until they are perpendicular with the body. Some may need to lower the legs, depending on their flexibility. Point the toes softly, with the heels touching. Turn the knees outward, away from the body, and remind your class (unlike we usually do in most exercises) to keep the KNEES STRAIGHT--no bending, although if they have to, they can always do so. It will just work the thighs a great deal less.

Simply, extend the legs out to the side, so they form a V (always keeping the Pilates V position), and then return them back together. Keep the toes pointed, the knees straight, and the inner thighs as close together as possible. Adding the breathing, inhale 4 slow counts on the open, exhale 4 slow counts on the close. Then, you can add another exercise, by just bring the heels back toward the glutes and keeping those heels touching, with the knees now in a V, and then extending them back up. After doing a few sets of those, with the 4-count inhale and exhale, combine the two exercises. Basically, the legs go out and in then down and up. I do about 5 sets of the individual exercises, then another 5 of the combination.

By keeping the Pilates V, the class is working their quads, inner thighs and hamstrings. The abs will also work hard to keep the lower back firmly against the mat and to keep control of the legs as they open and close.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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