Mostly stolen but great!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10841)

Here is a pattern you must try! A great thanks to Rozel! She gave me the most moves for this pattern and my class really loved it!

Bench is horizontal

* Funky repeater:
Left on bench (1), right knee lift (2), right on the other side of the step on the floor (3), switch legs so your right foot is on the bench and left foot is on the floor (4), switch back (5), right knee up (6), exit at the other side of the bench (you started here) (7 8)

** Side leg over and back:
Right on bench (1) left side leg (2), left on the floor in front of the bench (3), right on the floor at the front of the bench (4), left on the bench (5), right side leg (6), right on the floor behind the bench (7),left on the floor behind the bench (8) you are now where you started this move.

*** Sunshine (GREAT MOVE!!!!):
Right on the bench (1), in one count!: left on the bench and bring right leg in a side leg position (this has to be done with a jump!) (2), exit (3 4)

**** Reverse tic toc:
Hard one to explain but i'll try in anyway!
Put right on the bench like a reverse turn and left side leg double (so hop on your right leg the second count) (1 2), switch legs (3), switch legs (4) switch legs and make a double (like the first) (5 6), exit (7 8)

Have real fun with this one! Once again: Rozel thanks for this combo!!!

Bye, Sylu

P.S. just mail me with ???

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