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Blues Traveler - Run Around: Warm-up fast light seated. Cue participants: "You control the pace and the effort of your ride. I'm not going to tell you WHAT gear to ride in. Judge by your own individual perception of effort." Upper body stretches arm swings forward and back, then make the move smaller. Use just the back muscles. Scapular retraction - shoulder blades moving back, together and down. Demo the moves to participants with your hands. Shoulder rolls forward 4, back 4, protract and retract, shrug up (shoulders to earlobes) and then press down through palms. Inhale arms up, look at ceiling, arch back slightly. Exhale arms to side ("holdup the walls') bicep stretch. Circle wrists. Inhale up again. Lift ribcage off hips. "Think tall, then think long--HIP HINGE bend and extend from the hips. Reach for the farthest handlebar you are comfortable with. Weight under the fingers on the fleshy part of hand. Wrists straight. Don't grip bar. Hands form a triangle between fists and elbows. Thumbs close. Elbows soft. Shoulders down and relaxed. Abdominals engaged."

Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight: one legged drills "allow you to focus on making that smooth and complete circle and will point out any flaws you have in your form or any imbalances in strength you have between your right and left leg. If you notice that one leg tires much quicker than the other, you are dominant on one side. When you pedal with both feet in, you need to make a conscious effort to balance the contribution of either leg."

wonderwall - Oasis: "all warmed up, now it's time to go to work. Dig in. Downshift to a harder gear seated climb. Picture a slight incline or riding into a head wind. Scoot back in the saddle a bit. Recruit those powerful glute and hamstring muscles. Open hand position to #2--a wider grip gives you more stability and opens your chest so no restrictions on your breathing. Keep the movement fluid. Be sure it's not a push and pull, but a smooth circle.

Be sure to take posture breaks, water breaks, energy checks, and breath deep between songs.

Mick Jagger - Everybody Getting High: lifts or jumps optional--"fast light in and out of the saddle in small doses for new riders and early in class before too fatigued to maintain proper form. These lifts will help you learn control, technique, and develop upper body stability. When standing, unweight the saddle and shift weight to legs, but stay over the nose of the saddle. Use leg strength to get up. Don't pull on the handlebars. No hard landings when you sit."

Love Me Two Times - Doors: standing climb "Slow heavy standing - put significant resistance on your fly wheel. Lift out of the saddle. Use your body weight to help move the pedals. Grip extended. Neutral spine. Abs tight. Aim your butt to the back of the room. Your still over the nose of the saddle. Lift your knee to your chest. Recruit hipflexors - emphasize the upward pull. That will keep you more efficient and keep the circle smoother." "You are strong and powerful climbers. Use your legs. Use your lungs. All your goals are on top of this mountain. Work hard. Strive to reach your goals." "You did it. You made it. Stretch. Drink. Replenish those fluids you're sweating out. Fill your gas tank for the next work effort. What a sense of accomplishment there is in sweating and working hard!" Downhill from here. Lighten up. Let's spin....

Fat Boy Slim - Everybody Needs a Carnival: fast light seated optional sprints--"beginners should not exceed 80 RPMS use your first few weeks to develop control, the "smart cycling technique" and leg strength before increasing cadence. On the other hand ADVANCED--Surge. Run like there's a pack of rabid dogs on your heels. Then when you get breathless, return to a more comfortable cadence. Challenge yourself. Push your limits. But don't compare yourself to anyone else. The fitter you are the harder you can go without getting winded. Occasionally pushing to anaerobic levels will increase your fitness level. You'll progress to longer harder workouts in your own time."

Fastball - The Way: flats seated or standing flat "Moderate resistance. Your choice seat or stand. Recover form those sprints. Chill. Flush the lactic acid from your legs. Beginners --sore butt? We remember! Stand up awhile. As your legs get stronger and as you develop good technique - your lower body will take more of the weight and you won't sink into the saddle so hard. In the meantime a gel seat and padded bike shorts can help disperse some of that concentrated pressure on your backside and keep you more comfortable."

Cher - Strong Enough: starts slow, then upbeat good time to encourage your class. "you're almost done. This is your last real work effort. You're strong enough. Give me that energy you came in here with." Resistance variations. "Picture rolling hills. Find a moderate cadence and maintain this cadence. Occasionally we'll increase the resistance--you keep this cadence." Downshift when song slows then lighten up to recover. Downshift again on chorus. Lighten up again. Maintaining the same cadence through the harder effort. Vary the resistance and keep the speed. "Come spring, you'll be prepared for the outdoor challenges of the real road."

Billie Meyers - Kiss the Rain: beginners in class will welcome a chance to begin to cooldown. More advance may chose one more standing climb. Cue them to "Tune into your body. You are fatiged now. Focus internally. Keep your breathing deep and rhythmic. When you're tired you may have a tendency to pull more forward and lean on the handlebars, to grip and to hunch your shoulders. Relax. Stay centered over the pedals. Bars are just there for balance."

Beth Hart - LA Song: cooldown "Good job! You will get positive results from all that effort you put out!" repeat upper body stretches from warm up. Also "I Dream of Jeannie" arms--elbows shoulder height arms in front of body - one hand on top of elbow. Other below. Cue: slide elbows toward each other. Open upper back. Spread your lats. Picture a cobra. Neck stretches--drop right ear to right shoulder. Roll chin forward. Left ear to left shoulder. Forward. Repeat. Hold stretch to right side. Extend left arm down. Push through palm. Retract chin slightly. Feel stretch down neck, through top of shoulder and down arm. Repeat other side.

Jann Arden - I Would Die For You: off bike for lower body and lumbar stretches put handlebars in lowest position one foot up to stretch hamstrings. Standing quad stretch--encourage beginers with shaky legs to hold bike for balance - but progress to freestanding. Stretch hip and glute--face bike one hand on bars, one on saddle. Cross ankle over opposite knee. Sit back. Keep chest lifted. Balance. Let go of bike. Come to front of bike. Hold handlebars One foot forward on bike, the other way back into calf stretch. Next stand arms distance away--grip bars. Hip hinge. pullback and let head hang between arms. feel stretch in shoulders, upper and lower back, and hamstrings. Face center of room--hands on knees lumbar stretches. Roll up through each vertebrae of spine. Finish with deep inhales.

I love all the great email responses I have gotten from turnstep friends saying that ideas for sparklers and cueing are SO helpful! Glad you like my music too! Turnstep is an invaluable resource for growing instructor competence and confidence!

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