Advanced and new in 2002

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10850)

Each part is 64 counts!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Ready to go back to Part I on a left lead!!!!


* Reverse knee straddle = after the shuffle (across the top the long way), do a knee lift at the tip but pivot so you're facing away from the step toward the side wall and straddle down.

* Backward knee = knee lift again but this time pivot so you're facing the back wall, no straddle, just exit down down

* Reverse lunge = this one is tricky... after the shotgun, stay facing the same way. Go up up and lunge 2 times, but you have to spin around while you're lunging so that both lunges are off the back of the step, facing front, and then spin some more so you end up facing the opposite wall from where you started. So if you do it on a left lead, you start off facing the left wall (on the front of the step), left up (1), right up (2), face the front of the room and lunge left (3-4) and right (5-6), face the right wall and exit left (7) and right (8).

* Squat and go = do a big shotgun or squat with one leg on the step and one on the floor, pulse down for 1 count, then propel yourself over the step and do it again on the other side. You end up where you started. It's an 8-count move total.

Have fun! Any ?s just e me!

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