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I usually take time at the end of my very cardio-intense classes for body awareness and toning. Below are some things we enjoy.

1. With 5 to 8 pound weights (or not) Squat to right knee up for a hold of at least 2 seconds. Do as many reps as you like. Move into squat to right front kick. Stress symmetrical body alignment which focuses on balance and control. Repeat left

2. With or Without weights. Stand in a plie stance. Pelvis tucked and toes in "first" position. This exercise focuses on the inner thigh but encorporates balance and total lower body control. Take this at your own pace. Right side kick to first position-left lead to a plie and squeeze inner thigh back up to start next rep. Do as many reps as you like. Repeat left!! Have fun!!

My classes love these exercises as they can focus on their form, balance, strength and grace. I usually put on some soul or mellow funk to get in the mood!

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From: Austin, Texas (USA)
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