Saturday mornings at Dalplex

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I teach at a gym called Dalplex on Saturday mornings and for some reason people just seem to catch on to things faster there than anywhere else. Anyway, this is one I put together as we went along this morning and it seemed to work well for all of us.

                      *                   *
                    W *                   * E
                      *                   *

Horizontal step. Starting at SW corner, facing W:

Block #1:

Block #2:

Block #3:

Block #4

Do all four blocks consecutively and you should end up on the SE corner facing E and ready to start the pattern over again, with all directions reversed. Do it four times in all, making the repeater 5's knees for the first time through, side lifts for the second time through, hams the third time and knee, side, knee, side, knee (or whatever) for the fourth time. Also, the single knees around the end can be changed to side lifts for the second time through, hams the third time, and one of each the fourth time.

Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to email me with questions!

*6-lunge ski step: Starts and ends like a split basic, only you use 6 alternating back lunges instead of 2.

**Rooftop: 2 side steps around the end of the step, the first with your back to the step and turning 180 degrees when your feet come together so that the second side step takes you to the other side of the step, facing in the opposite direction. I find the easiest way to teach it is to do it at half speed, filling in extra beats with tap up tap down on the corner until people catch onto it directionally, then take it up to full tempo.

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