Stops, Explosions, Lifts and Forgiveness

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My first posting, hope it is clear:

"Dead stops" Cycle at 50% (seated) keep your hand on tension lever gradually add a notch, add again in about 4-8 counts, add again (4-8 counts later....) until you are almost dead stopped. Let off the tension to about 30% and fly. Do it again and again and again, until they moan or cry (it's what we are paid for right?).

"Explosions" Similar to dead stops. Cycle at 20-30% (seated) add tension very quickly until you stop the bike. Let the tension off to about 20-30% and fly. Tell the students to alternate the leading leg when exploding and try not to stop at at a 12 o'clock position, it's too stressful on the knees, better to stop at 2-3 o'clock.

"Saddle touches" 50-70% tension (out of seat) pull hips back as far as you can without compromising form. Let the booty touch the saddle (right glute then left) and bring the booty up without pulling the hips forward, stay in that L. Repeat over and over until their hammies just can't take it anymore. Form is important here as some students pull their hips back too far and then the lower back is stressed.

I have not tried Saddle Touches on a quicker tempo, maybe we can call it Hot Saddle, same form, less tension, lift and lower the butt quicker.

As far as music goes, I like the remixes and tribal. Proud Mary, On the Dark Side (Eddie and the Cruisers) are great songs to end with, you can sit up and clap then sprint madly, or do a pony or a swim to Proud Mary in between sprints. My class seems to forgive me right about here because they are enjoying the songs and dancing on the bike.


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