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I have gotten so many emails of thanks and appreciation for including cues and "sparklers". There seems to be a real need for it. Several wrote to tell me that they are using my post as an example when training new instructors. I get lots of great ideas for music from turnstep. Remember, we'd like to here what you SAY in class too!

Woke up This Morning - Sopranos 5:16. Warmup add these to your upper body warm-up moves: hands up, palms forward shoulder height "like surrendering to a man with a gun" then squeeze shoulder blades together and hold 5 seconds Repeat 3x.. Next raise hands overhead like you're reaching for the sky 3x. Combine, alternate 1 squeeze 1 reach.

God Gave Me Everything - Mick Jagger 3:32. Increase resistance slightly Cue technique: "a smooth synchronized movement of the feet and legs. New riders tend to create propulsion by just pushing down - it's jerky, inefficient and stressful to the knees. Find the circle, keep it fluid. Don't just push forcefully and rest on the upstroke. Use the calves and hamstrings too. If you don't use these muscles you'll deliver less power to the bike and you'll tire sooner."

Doobie Brothers - Taking it to the Street 3:40. Lifts, alternate sitting and standing. Get up on chorus first two times. Then decrease rep load and make jumps more frequent and increase workload. "Changes coming more frequently now. Have to think faster."

Police - Roxanne 3:02. First hill climb. Stay seated at first. Increase resistance gradually as you try to keep the same cadence. Stand when you need to. Moderately heavy. Pace yourself. There's a bigger hill in the distance.

Jeff Beck - Dirty Mind 3:50. Great instrumental! Downhill with optional sprints "Hear the deep breathing in the song. Tune into your own breathing. Put out enough effort to train-but new riders should avoid overly strenuous work. Tune in to your body. Learn to correlate how you're feeling and breathing with the maximum steady state you can maintain without gasping for air."

Bob Dylan - Stoned 4:34. "Another hill climb. This one's a mountain. Can't see the peak-it's up in those clouds. But there's snow on top and lots cooler. Let's go there." Heavy resistance. Stand. Encourage riders as they tire. Give lots of positive reinforcement. "You can go in the weight room and perform heavy squats or you can ride with us and get strong. Your thighs and glutes are big muscles capable of a lot of power. It's where the biggest bone (femur) meets the biggest muscle group. Feel those legs getting in shape. Leg strength is important for a lot more than cycling. When you lift heavy objects, your legs should do most of the work, not your back. Strong glutes keep spine aligned with the proper curve in your back so back muscles don't get strained.".

Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady 5:36. Use first part of song to sit down and recover from the climb "Don't those legs feel stronger and sleeker already? Lots of contouring work going on here." Advanced can stand and "run" during latter half of song, if desired. Always teach to the new riders. I tell them that I've studies their health surveys. "In this class we have all different ages, all different body types, all different fitness levels, all different levels of experience on the bike. This is your workout. Do what's right for you!"

Nickelback - This is How you Remind Me 3:48. Even cadence for to cooldown new riders AND/ OR challenge tough guys to one more work effort of rolling hills. Resistance variations.

The Calling - Wherever You Will Go 3:28. Cooldown with upper body stretches. Try this neck stretch: make a double chin hold for 3 seconds; then support head with hands and lift chin to ceiling

Good stretch songs:

Stay in touch! I love hearing from you! I always tell me class "I'm here for you. I want to hear your comments, your complaints, some juicy gossip (!). Talk to me." LIZ

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